OMA Orthologous Matrixインストールログ

説明 http://omabrowser.org/oma/home/(external link)

ダウンロード先 http://omabrowser.org/standalone/(external link)

$ cd /work_path
$ wget http://omabrowser.org/standalone/OMA.1.0.6.tgz
$ tar xvfz OMA.1.0.6.tgz
$ cd OMA.1.0.6
$ ./install.sh /install_path/
Installing darwin binary...
Installing oma...
Installing libraries...
Creating symlinks to current version...
Installation complete.
Make sure /install_path/OMA/bin is in your PATH, e.g by adding the line
  export PATH=$PATH:/install_path/OMA/bin
to your ~/.profile file (under bash)

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