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Genome Resequencing


Recommendation list

BWA, GATK and snpEff + GE (human only, PE)
BWA, GATK and snpEff + GE (human only, for small amplicon data, PE)
GATK-snpEff (human only)
BWA-BreakDancer (PE)
BWA-CNVnator (PE)

Combination example of pipeline

SNP, INDEL calling for non-human biological

Related list

BWA-GATK-Annovar (SE)
BWA-GATK-Annovar (PE)
MLA-GATK-Annovar (SE)
FastQC (PE)
samtools mpileup

Note "SE": For single-end read, "PE": For paired-end read, "GE": Genome explorer which is our original genome browser.
It is necessary to register to analyze your own data.
: The popular pipeline or the latest one that the developer recommend.
Notice: Unrecomend not a tool used by the pipeline but the workflow of the pipelie.


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