Platform for Drug Discovery

How to install and use WinSCP

Table of contents

How to install

  • Access to the following URL in your browser and download the installation package.
    • Click the "Installation package"from the latest version WinSCP.
    • In this case WinSCP 5.5 on the top of the page is the latest version.
    • Do not click misleading banner ads in which a download button is embedded.
    • After the download, I recommend you to run a virus scan of the file.
    • Even if the WinSCP is one of the most often used software, it is important to scan virus to avoid unexpected virus infection from such a free softwares.
    • Double click the installation package file and start with the installation of the WinSCP.
    • If your OS displays a confirmation dialog for the running, click 'run' button.
    • Push 'Next' button after checking the message.
    • Click 'I accept the agreement' after the checking license and click 'Next' button.
    • I recommend you to check 'Custom installation' and click 'Next' button.
    • Sometimes such free software installation package includes unwanted other programs which are installed with the recommended option.
    • Checking custom installation enables you to confirm whether or not to install the unwanted softwares.
    • In this case, the WinSCP installation package does not include such unwanted softwares.
    • Click 'Next' button unless you have a specific reason.
    • Click 'Next' button unless you have a specific reason.
    • Click 'Next' button unless you have a specific reason.
    • Installation wizard is completed.

How to upload files to Maser

    • After the installation of the WinSCP, you can find a WinSCP icon on your desktop.
    • Double click the icon and run the WinSCP.
    • Fill text area of host name, user name and password which are described in the account file sent by E-mail or mail after the registration of our services.
    • #Text area nameInput exampledescription
      1Host host name of our file server.
      2User namengs_groupYour FTP group name.
      3Passwordzy9xw8vuA password for the FTP group name.
    • After fill the text area, click 'Save As' button to save this connection information.
    • When you check the 'Create desktop shortcut' before clicking 'OK' button, a direct link icon for our Maser file server is generated on your desktop.
    • After clicking 'OK' button, a connection profile for our Maser file server is generated on the WinSCP connection list.
    • After double clicking the connection profile, a confirmation dialog is displayed only at the first time.
    • Click 'Yes' button.
    • If this confirmation dialog is displayed after the first time, it means that the destination server has been replaced for any reason. Please note.
    • This is the main screen of the WinSCP.
    • The left half of the screen means your computer and the right half means a storage area of your Maser group on our file server.
    • If you want to upload your data to Maser system, open the 'upload' folder.
    • Drag an upload target data file from your computer and drop the file to the right half of the WinSCP screen.
    • You can set 'Transfer setting' when you upload files.
    • #ModeDescription
      1DefaultIn almost all cases, this mode work correctly. You do not have to change this setting.
      2TextLine feed codes in the file are automatically converted. In rare case, windows specific line feed code are converted that some pipeline do not support the windows line feed work appropriately with this option.
      3BinaryOriginal data are uploaded without any conversion.
    • Uploading is completed.
    • Uploaded data are displayed in the Maser system like this.
    • Note that files in the sub-folders in the upload folder are not recognized by the Maser system.