Platform for Drug Discovery

For trouble troubleshooting and debugging

Table of contents

System troubleshooting

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  • If you encounter this type of views, it is possible that some unexpected system error is occurred.
  • After you check the error message and if you cannot figure out the solution, please contact us with the following information.
    • 1The error message you encountered.
      2When the trouble occurs.
      3How you operated the system.
      4Your OS and your browser and these versions.
      (In many cases, this information is not required.)

Pipeline troubleshooting

      • We produced pipelines which can normally process small test data and common sample data.
      • Even so it is difficult to avoid these troubles.
      • #Cause of the trouble Description
        1Wrong invalid input Most cases are caused by this reason.
        This system currently does not validate input formats when you register it.
        So please confirm data specification page per a dataset type before uploading.
        2Wrong option value If you set free text option value, please confirm the option description,
        pipeline description and execution log at abort step or step before the abort.
        In rare case option set by a select box cause a trouble
        For instance selected species are not supported in the pipeline,
        or program version does not support a provided option.
        3Machine trouble In many cases of this trouble, the server maintenance team can detect and report you.
        Sometimes the team cannot detect this type of error like out of memory.
        These kinds of problems are sometimes solved by a rerunning of pipeline.
        4Data dependent trouble This type of trouble is likely difficult to solve.
        Many times a suggestive log messages are produced by the programs.
        5Data and option combination trouble This type of trouble is solved by correct option or option condition changing.
        Many times a suggestive messages are produced by the programs.
      • Usually, trouble cause is not known.
      • When you encounter some trouble of running, please check the following list.
      • When you do not solve problem after these checks, please contact us.
      • Please agree we do not support 'Data dependent trouble' and 'Data and option combination trouble'.