Platform for Drug Discovery

Cancel running pipelines and delete pipelines

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Cancel pipelines

  1. Open 'Analysis Status' view.
  2. Click a cancel button at the right side of an analysis status record on the list.
    • A cancel button appears only when the pipeline is running or waiting for running.
    • You can cancel some pipelines at once when you check on the left side of analysis status records and click cancel button at above of the list.
  3. Confirm the canceling pipeline and click the 'Yes' button.
  4. Click 'OK' button.
  • Just after you cancel the pipeline, the pipeline status becomes 'Canceling..'.
  • After a few minutes, the pipeline is completely cancelled.
    • Note that the cancelled analysis record is filtered out when the 'Filter by Status:' at the right top of the 'Analysis Status' view is 'Prog. And Waiting'.
    • We recommend to delete these cancelled pipelines to keep execution history clean.