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What is Maser

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What is Maser

  • Maser(Management and Analysis System for Enormous Reads) is a web based analysis environment especially for data from so-called Next Generation Sequencers(NGS).
  • Many pipelines were implemented with famous academic tools for RNA-Seq, Resequence analyses, ChIP-Seq, Bisulfite-Seq, genome assembly, metagenome analysis, CAGE analysis etc.
  • This system also aimed to be used for
    1. Try execution of analysis workflows with famous academic tools with closed environment.
    2. Management analysis histories
    3. Share data and analysis flow in a closed research group
    4. Analysis work flow publication with data
    5. Educate overview of NGS for beginner

Quick overview main function of Maser

  • Image
  • After registration from here, you can run analysis pipelines about data you upload.
  • After running a pipeline, several steps of analysis processes are proceeded automatically.
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  • In a history view, you can do the following actions.
    1. View or download analysis results from each data icon.
    2. Proceed further analyses with these result data.
    3. Check execution conditions including parameters.
    4. Get executed command line generated automatically for each process.
    5. Share the series of analyses to other user or publish them
  • You can also learn execution conditions from published flows of other users.
  • The figure above shows an example of actual history view.
  • In this example, the following results are generated.
    1. Mapped raw sequences on our genome viewer, which shows mapping localization, directionality, mismatches and InDels, reads over splicing junction and colocalization of known genes or other samples.
    2. A list of comparison test result of each genes in CSV (can open by Excel) and dynamic HTML (can filter, sort, download and simple search). You can also jump to the genome viewer and other annotation sites with links on the list.
    3. Some figures about expression distribution and comparisons.
  • Some other pipelines generate similar results for other NGS applications.
  • You can see detail here. (Sorry, some description page is described only Japanese.)
  • All the analysis menu listed on here. Note that most of them provide only one or few functions.
  • See the manual pages to know the concrete operation.