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About security of Maser

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Security of transfer and storage

Security of data transfer

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  • The data connection between the user's computer and the Maser server, including data upload, data viewing and data download, is encrypted with secure network protocol.
  • Any malicious cracker can not intercept transferring data or information unless a user password is leaked.
  • We recommend strongly that you do not input the password for Maser in public radio or wireless network environment without any security protocol in such scientific meeting for avoiding password leaking.

Accessible range of data and histories

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  • Your data, including uploaded data and analysis result data and analysis histories are shared with lab partners who belongs to the same group of you.
  • Unless a special request to us, you have no lab partner user if your group is 'guest***_group'.
  • A user who belongs to another group can not access your data nor your analysis histories.
  • The only data you shared with the user or data in published projects are accessible to the users.
  • You can share project with the following button in the project list.
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How to change your password

  • You can change your access password for Maser in the following steps.
  1. Access the top page for registered users.
  • Push the 'Cgange Password' button.
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  • Enter the 'Current Password' and enter 'New Password' twice.
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    • Note that you cannot set a short password, nor a simple password without numbers or alphabets.
  • Push the 'Change' button.