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We, as the data analysis center, provide an integrative platform to analyze data from Next Generation Sequencers (NGSs). This platform provides data analysis systems (Maser and various viewers (Genome Explorer, gGraph, iGene) which we developed originally .
On Maser systems, the data analysis pipelines are constructed by the workflows which made of a combination of existing NGS data analysis tools.
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Maser(Management and Analysis System for Enormous Reads) is a data analysis platform for NGS data. Users can execute the data analysis pipeline, browse the analysis process and download the analysis result by registering their own data. Description for usage described here.

Genome Explorer

'Genome Explorer' is a Web application system visualizing mapping data to reference of Short Read which NGS produces.
It has a lot of flexibility that enables to display arbitrary combination of analysis data which can be browsed and facilitates comparison between the data.

Main function
  • Quick and seamless moving to a designated position in a genome, free-zooming function were available.
  • Displaying the most suitable way to the purpose of the analysis.
  • Once registering data derived from various sources, users can choose/display these data at their option.
  • Reordering data columns in the viewing window is available.


While NGS data covers globally of genomes, focusing to an interesting regions is generally not easy because of enormous information to process and judge.
Our center developed gGraph, iGene, etc as a response to such a situation. gGraph is a viewer to overview mapping status of all of the chromosome.


This is a viewer for visualizing the tag distribution conditions of the coordinate position of genomes on various window scales.

Data analysis pipelines

It describes the process flow of NGS data analysis and should be run on Maser.

Basic concept
  • One process consists of multiple modules and commands. The hierarchical structure enables to hide the detailed process which only savvy analysts should know and results in making it easily understood by beginners and Wet researchers.
  • The scripts are produced with Perl and R so that the constructed pipelines are easy to port to other existing data analysis platforms.

For more details about the data analysis pipelines, please see "NGS Pipeline Menu Wiki".